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Strategic Planning

Moving your company from where it is now
to where you want it to be

With facilitation from Navigator Marketing, companies are pursuing novel ways to hatch new products, expand existing businesses, and create the new markets of tomorrow. These companies are posting increased sales, decreased employee turnover, improved employee
morale and record profits.

Their secret; their investment in a
solid strategic plan of action.

Strategic Planning by Navigator Marketing

Strategic planning aligns your total organization – people, processes, and resources – with a clear, compelling, and desired future state. The results speak for themselves.

web designStrategic SurveysWe interview key stakeholders in your business.graphic designMeeting FacilitationFacilitate group/team strategic planning sessions.
web designStrategic MentoringWork together with your management & staff teams.graphic designStrategic PlanningDevelop key objectives, timelines, goals and employee-owned action steps.

By working together, we will help management develop a fluid strategic plan that is easily adopted by your employees. Our team can assist with implementing the plan and measuring its success.

Our Strategic Planning Clients:

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“Our company hired Navigator Marketing to develop our Strategic Marketing Plan. They provided us with a solid marketing plan to follow. They provided objective information about things we needed to know, things we didn’t know and some things we didn’t want to hear, but needed to. Our Strat Plan took our business to the next level.”

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