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Important LinkedIn Profile Tips:

  1. Linked In is a free business networking platform –where the name of the game is to link in with prospects, customers and others who can connect you to other prospects and customers.
  2. Linked In and Facebook help your websites rank higher in the search engines.
  3. Business people and people in decision making positions with an average income of $ 109,000 frequent Linked In.
  4. You can post regular information that goes directly into the email boxes of those you are linked in to
  5. The ability to post your information to groups (that range from 10 to 10,000 or more people) is a valuable resource.
  6. You and all your staff can have a Linked In profile that is connected to your Corporate Business Profile where you can post video and links back to your website.
  7. Use the key words your customers use to describe your products and services. Key words in your name title, your company, your projects and skills all play an important role in ranking your profile in the top 10 on Linked In. Be careful on how dense your words are. Leave spaces around your words to increase comprenhension and uptake.

Great LinkedIn profiles:

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