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Important Facebook Fanpage Tips:

  1. Facebook provides a simple and easy forum to build a long-term relationship with prospects, ambassadors and clients.
  2. Having a Facebook Fan Page for your business ensures that you have more prime realestate on the internet search engines.
  3. Facebook can have all the key elements your website has and can motivate visitors to take action (ecommerce, booking meetings, downloading information)
  4. Facebook Fan Pages have analytics built into the system (number of visitors, how many pages they looked at)
  5. The Facebook posts you make on your page – go directly to the inboxes of your fans and on their facebook pages.
  6. When a fan comments on your post – your Fan book page is seen by all of that person’s facebook friends – so ask for input, feedback, ask questions of your audience.

Great Facebook Fan Pages:

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This facebook fan page is more in depth than I imagined. All the information required, I had no idea where to find all this and to make sure the photos were of high quality, all the proper urls and other assorted addresses, and techno info. The stuff I never think about, this all goes into having a very functional presence.Then the first time I saw it, I could not believe how great it looked, and I tested it myself, for four days, everything was exact, perfect, flawless, and beautiful. I will never doubt my decision to deal with the pros at Navigator, and will advise anyone, that wants anything built to their specs, to just call Dawn, and let her do the magic, she won’t let you down. Thanking you and the award winning team, It was a pleasure, and a job done exceptionally well.

Ed & Shirley Downey
Independent Distributors for Market America &
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