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E-flip Catalogues & Magazines

At Navigator Marketing, we use cutting-edge technology that takes your products, services and or article and, product sheets then we create an online electronic flipping catalogue or magazine.

Our team can take your existing printed materials and catalogues and create an eflip catalogue for you that is easy to embed in an email signature and send world-wide.

Eflip Catalogues and Magazines BONUS:

  • Embedded video and audio inside the catalogue pages
  • Ecommerce
  • Links back to your website
  • Email collection
  • Complete analytical reporting of visitors’ behavior
  • Real Eflip page sounds and actions
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Outstanding Features:

  • Iphone version – easily readable on mobile phones
  • Eliminates POSTAGE and PRINTING costs FOREVER
  • Article and advertisement tracking
  • Share with friends options for email & social media
  • Order Form – to take customer orders
  • Website Integration – host on your website and social media profiles.
  • Linkable table of contents
  • Linkable Page Tabs
  • Thumbnail browser – gives you overview of publication with easy thumbnail images
  • Search feature & Infinite zoom feature
  • Customers can instantly print one page or the entire document
  • Send your EFlip Catalogue on a CD to clients

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A paperless version of your Catalogue or Magazine

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