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Copy Writing – Content Writing

Navigator’s Copy Writers focus on the keywords your prospects search
and commonly use AND create the HIGH IMPACT WORDS and WORD PLACEMENT
that are proven to motivate the actions you want to see your customers take.

The copy we produce persuades web visitors that your company has what they need. In order to score a sale, we design your copy to prove why someone should buy from you — and not your competitor who offers the same product for $5 less.

The more that the copy writing hits the hidden-need “hot buttons” — the more it grabs your prospects, gives them what they want and boosts your benefits – the better the
page converts AND… makes money.

Our Copy Writing Services:

  • Copy Writing for websites
  • Sales Copy Writing
  • Writing Ad Copy
  • Writing SEO Copy for articles
  • Copy Writing for Ebooks & Epapers
  • Copy Writing for media news articles

Copy Writing Services by Navigator MarketingLong before there were search engines, there was direct response copywriting. Its purpose: to persuade readers to do something — call an 800 number, buy a Franklin Mint collectible or purchase a time share. You’d see it in your Publisher’s Clearing House letters (you may laugh, but I bet you bought at least one magazine subscription.) You’d see it as a special mailer, stuffed into your credit card envelope. You’d see direct response writing everywhere — and in fact, you still do. Persuasive writing techniques worked back then, and they work now.

Samples of Our Work:

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“Our company hired Navigator Marketing to develop our Strategic Marketing Plan. They provided us with a solid marketing plan to follow. They provided objective information about things we needed to know, things we didn’t know and some things we didn’t want to hear, but needed to. Our Strat Plan took our business to the next level.”

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