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Facebook Copyright Rights Hoax

If you see a post going around Facebook about your copyright rights, IT IS A HOAX. Continue reading

8 Powerful Statistics That Prove Social Media Word-of-Mouth Marketing is Effective

Word of mouth is a powerful influencer over people’s purchasing habits and the new word of mouth is through social media platforms. Although traditional advertising is still necessary, social media word-of-mouth marketing is necessary to grow leads and sales. Continue reading

FACEBOOK TIMELINE CHANGES- Top 4 Ways this IMPACTS Marketing Your Business on Facebook

Facebook Timeline will be main stream on all brand pages starting March 30th. Like always, Facebook has implemented guidelines that we must follow, so make sure you don’t break these! It may lead to having your Facebook business page removed.
So what are the new guidelines? Well for starters, because you are given a great big cover photo on your Facebook page, you may want to put a bunch of information in there, but don’t!
Continue reading